Discover Your Inner Compass

Carolina Amor

All classes are offered either in Spanish or English in person or in the distance.

~ Intro to Divination ~

During this class, we will explore the Tarot, Astrology, the Runes, the Pendulum, among other divination techniques. In only 5 weeks, you will receive an introduction to Divination that you can use for your everyday life as well as to guide you in your path.

Class Commitment: 5 weeks
Fee: US $50

~ Tarot ~

During this class, you will learn how to work with your Tarot cards. You will discover the mysteries of the Major and Minor Arcana and walk the hero´s journey. You will learn spreads that will help you see the messages that the Tarot offers you and how to use this tool in ritual and for personal development.

Class Commitment: 6 weeks
Fee: $60

~ Astrology ~

During this class you will learn about the following topics:

The Planets
The Houses
The Aspects
The Transits
Retrograde Planets
The Eclipses
Your Natal Chart
Read other people´s chart to see the messages they bring to your life

Class Commitment: 12 weeks
Fee: US $120 (US $40 per month)

~ Intro to Runes ~

During this class, you will learn about how to work with runes in different modalities from performing a runecast to using runes for ritual or writing magickal spell. Join this 5 week class to learn about runes!

Class Commitment: 5 weeks
Fee: US $50 

~ Developing your Intuition ~

During this class you will learn different ways to tune in to your intuition. Learn to develop a relationship with your inner compass so you can access it any time you need it. During this class you will also learn to connect with the different spirit guides that are by your side so you can have a team of helpers to access when you are in need.

Time Commitment: 5 months
Fee: $50 per month

~ Reiki Training ~

Reiki Level I, II, III and Master level are offered. If you are interested in receiving more information o would like to learn the classes schedule, please contact Carolina Amor using the form below.

If you are in the Bay Area and you are interested in learning about divination, join Carolina´s meetup group Tarot, Astrology and More. We offer free monthly meetings and some paid classes. Join us!

Send your questions to Carolina using the form below.