Discover Your Inner Compass

Carolina Amor

Carolina Amor started reading the Tarot when she was 11 years old. Tarot became a door for her to connect with her guides and get messages to help people in their personal journeys. She studied Astrology and other divination tools such as Runes, Oracles, the Pendulum and more.

Some of her teachers include but are not limited to Sonia Choquette, Sandra Anne Taylor, Lynn Mkenzie, John Holland, Janet Nohavec, Mavis Pitilla, and more. She is always seeking ways to continue developing her gifts and loves connecting with other teachers and psychics.

Her life purpose is to be a light house guiding those who are lost in the dark and need a way out. She does this by offering readings and teaching classes. She is a passionate teacher and loves helping her students develop their own psychic tools so they can use different strategies when they face situations. She also teaches them how to trust their own inner compass.

Carolina also writes a blog and is working on publishing her books about tarot, astrology and divination. Check her blog at

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